Please, clear advices for creating new library

When I try to create a library, when I enter the path, I get an error: when I select the folder, the path automatically disappears in the folder box. I have seen this problem happen to other people, but the proposed solutions are not clear (or did not seem clear to me).

I use the latest version of Manjaro, the latest version of Firefox, and I have the movie files on an external hard drive.

Are there clear instructions for adding the folder to the new library?

Thank you.

does Jellyfin have permissions to the folder on the system?

chown -R jellyfin /home/username/jellyfin/media/

The path is just an example.
The -R makes it reverse, so you only need the upper level of the library.
username jellyfin is the one used, i belive it should be the one used.

Yes. I did it at first.
Thank you, kescba.

in the jellyfin web panel you type the /home/username/parth/to/media?

Or do you select from the options menu below the text line?

I have done it both ways: either by selecting the path in the directory tree or by typing the path directly. In both cases the result is the same: the box becomes empty and if I click OK it tells me that the box cannot be empty.

It sounds a lot like it still is missing permission to the folders.

Yes, I’m of the same opinion, but I don’t see what the problem is. And what surprises me more is that in the forums I have found that many people have had this problem.

Yes, i have had it too, that’s why i mention the permissions problem. Maby you can try using chmod -R 777 * /parth/ (Please read up on the command),

No, the problem is not one of permissions. The problem is with the mounting the device. I think Manjaro has a peculiar way of mounting devices (I’ve heard something about that, I’m not a computer scientist). I have external hard drives configured to mount automatically. That does not appear in fstab, where only the internal hard disk appears. I don’t know why.
So, by reading other messages, I tried to manually mount the external hard disk where I have stored the movies in a directory I created ex professo, without worrying about permissions. And it worked!

Ah, i didnt know you had issues mounting the external drive :slight_smile:
Theres a bit work with Linux, but it’s damn stable otherwise :slight_smile:

No, I had no problem with mounting external drives. In fact, they mounted automatically. But I thought that might be the problem. So I did the above mentioned operation of mounting the external drives manually in different directories that I created. And for some unknown reason it worked for Jellyfin.
Thank you for your interest.

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