Problem adding TV library

Thanks for Jellyfin.
Jellyfin is adding all the TV shows including TV shows that doesn’t have any episode inside.
I have 136 TV shows folder but 98 of them have episode inside.
Why Jellyfin is adding 136 shows?
This doesn’t happen with movie, Jellyfin only add the movies with media.
Thanks for the help.

If you have a folder within your library folder named as a TV show it’ll be picked up as show by jellyfin even if there’s no episode files in it

Ok but why this behavior doesn’t happen with movies, I have movie folder without the media and Jellyfin didn’t add that movie.
I have more movie folder empty than TV show without episode.

I would imagine this is because there is an option with TV shows to create placeholders for missing episodes and this doesn’t exist for movies.

When I create the library I didn’t select the option to “Display missing episodes within seasons”

Sorry to compare but I also have Plex and Plex only add the shows that have media.
It would be nice to have this option like what it happen when I created the movie library.

If you have any NFO files for data for a stand-alone Kodi library like I had I had to delete the nfo files then scan in your TV Shows.

I had to do that and all shows are coming in no problem.

There is an open feature request for this so it could be added in the future