Problem running server on Linux Mint 20


I am trying to install server on linux mint but am facing problem after installing the package. Firstly it doesnot show up as other apps would in the application list, and when i try to start from the terminal it comes up with

22:29:38] [FTL] [4] Main: Error while starting server.
System.InvalidOperationException: The server is expected to host the web client, but the provided content directory is either invalid or empty: /usr/lib/jellyfin/bin/jellyfin-web. If you do not want to host the web client with the server, you may set the ‘–nowebclient’ command line flag, or set’hostwebclient=false’ in your config settings.
at Jellyfin.Server.Program.StartApp(StartupOptions options)
[22:29:38] [INF] [4] Emby.Server.Implementations.ApplicationHost: Disposing CoreAppHost
[22:29:38] [INF] [2] Main: Received a SIGTERM signal, shutting down

How did you install it? Which instructions did you follow? :slight_smile:

I followed the downloads section in your website for ubuntu stable. Faced a keyring issue during installation, so looked up in the forum, and as per one of the post, changed linux mint to ubuntu, and ulyana to focal.

It might not have brought “jellyfin-web” over for some reason.
sudo apt install jellyfin-server

And if it still doesn’t work right:
sudo apt install jellyfin-web

As you noted though, it won’t show up like other applications do, because it’s meant to run as a service in the background. There won’t be any icons to start/stop it, you would have to use systemctl in the terminal to do so.

Its working now after installing jellyfin-web. Thank you for the quick response, really appreciate your help.

I am having this same issue on Ubuntu 20.04.1 and installing jellyfin-server and jellyfin-web just prompt me I have the latest installed.

The folder it is looking in “/usr/lib/jellyfin/bin/jellyfin-web” seems to be incorrect as the install placed web at “usr/shared/jellyfin/web” and is pointed there in “/etc/default/jellyfin” with this line “# web client path, installed by the jellyfin-web package

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