Problem with modifying a TV series recording???

After I create a series recording if I modify the settings at all it no longer shows up on the Schedule tab. Also, in the Guide tab the red circles and ) all turn white so nothing gets recorded.

Single recordings work fine and can be modified but not a series. Is this a known bug?

Jellyfin 10.5.4, Tried this on Windows 8.1, 10, and xubuntu 19.10 all have the same problem. . .

Update: Both the Guide & Series tabs change to a white dot and ) so no recording. . . :frowning:

Also, tried Firefox 75, Chrome 81 and Android client with the same problem. Any suggestions?

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Any update? I too have this very frustrating issue and can’t find WHY the software decide to not record a show. I set record all episodes and uncheck the same episodr library verification.

I’m running 10.6.4 on debian 10

The issue may come from tv shows that don’t have an episode/season number associated with them in EPG… like daily shows or news shows.

The fact that the gray circle appear and we don’t have control over it is the frustrating part as the series settings should have them recorded.