Push watched history for one series to Trakt?

Trakt lost my watched history for one series (Star Trek: Short Treks). I have the trakt plugin installed and it pulls history from trakt and scrobbles to trakt fine. But is there a way where I can tell JF trakt plugin to push the history stored in JF up to trakt for this one series?


If you go to the server dashboard under the scheduled tasks section there is tasks for pushing all data to Trakt, you can trigger that manually and it should sync all the data. If not on the predefined schedule

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I only have two tasks for Trakt

What is the name of the task you are referring to? Do I need to alter some trakt plugin option to get more tasks?

And Ideally I only want to push history for one series if possible, not my full library. Just in case something goes wrong.

Sync library to trakt.tv is the one you’re looking for. It’ll sync the entire library, don’t believe there is a way to do just one show