Raspberry pi DLNA

I’m running Jellyfin with DLNA enabled on a Rpi 4 (dietpi OS). Since the Rpi isn’t powerful enough to transcode video I enabled DLNA to access the files through VLC and get them transcoded that way. It doesn’t seem to work though, I still get long loading times. Have I misunderstood how this works? Would running LibreELEC be a better option for me?
Thankful for any input!

Hi, so I highly recommend enabling Hardware Acceleration. I wrote a guide here

If you have any questions, ask me on there or find me on the matrix chat with the rest of the crew :).

As for your slow loading times, I’m not sure what the issue is. Dlna isn’t the fastest but you shouldn’t really be having issues with load time.

If you want to use libreelec, be mindful you’ll have to install jellyfin via docker.

@artiume Hi, thanks for the response! I’ll look into that guide! For now I’ve settled on using a Jellyfin account set to not transcode for the DLNA, then I use VLC on my phone for transcoding whenever I want to wach something. :slight_smile: