Rebuilding the app

I told this guy i was pretty confident you guys wouldn’t care for my input or help with jellyfin, but he seemed pretty sure you would.

if any of my ideas and design would be well received here, i’d much rather work with you on this existing project than build a team for one of my own

I’m not entirely sure what you’re offering. Do you have any code at all or is this all conceptual?

There’s a huge assumption on your part that we want our media players to look like Netflix and personally I think that’s your first huge hurdle.

Good luck with your endeavour though.

Oh no not at all. I only wish to help in a design and consulting capacity.
The direction I wanted to take my project was Looking at the trends and toward the future in these media players.
I think it’s very simple to break down if we try.
These media library organizers/players Are used for the most part by people who reject streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.
With that said, taking the progression of video encoding and hardware Into consideration, we know that the direction of things is cloud storage.
You can just take a look at the huge or rclone community and the seedbox community and understand that most of them play their media directly from mounted Google drives and such.
I only help want to help realize what needs to be done if we are being forward thinking and early adopters.

with all that said, jellyfin is nearly perfect in every way. almost everything i ever wanted changed about emby has been implemented here.