Roku and Duplication

I am using the latest Roku app.
A significant number of items are duplicated.
Double checking the folders by software I have confirmed that there are no duplicate files.
Is this a known bug?

The other observations about the Roku app stand, and it is clearly in development. This adds to the challenge of using it.
On the positive side, what it plays it plays without problems.

No known bug that I can recall. Is it in a particular library that you see items duplicated, or across multiple libraries?

For example, if you were to have:
“My Action Movie” and “My Action Movie 2: The Sequel”, in the Movies library, they will normally show up as two individual items. If you have the TMDB Box Sets plugin installed, or manually group them, an extra item called “My Action Movie Collection” is created, along with a “Collections” library.

I will take a photo and post it later today.
All the best,

This link will allow you to download some images taken of the screen usinging the Roku App.!ArG_lDUSg_8bge0QTZMIJ7gEdTpFLw?e=gXZnpN

There is another issue with metadata that I will add in another post.
I hope this is helpful. To confirm, I checked these direcotries for duplicates and none are identified using Auslogic’s Duplicate finder (which has a good reputation I understand).


Could you check one of the folders manually and just check if there are 2 video files in there (possibly different resolutions, etc)? I’ve spotted one of my movies being shown twice, but I this one did have 2 versions, so I put it down to that. (Although this still needs fixed - :slight_smile:)