Server for Asustor NAS AS1002T

Good Morning. Would it be possible to provide an installer for the NAS Asustor AS1002T (arm 32 bit)? There is a version to be installed via Docker but the version of Docker for this NAS appears to be compromised by malware. A native version of the app would be nice.

It’s difficult for us to package for many individual pieces of hardware, but it will go on the list.

Could you give me some more information on this “compromised” version? We’d like to get that removed if possible.

Docker-ce 18.03.1.r5

I’m not sure if Docker is really compromised or if it was the application I used (Bazarr / linuxserverio). It is the only application I use via Docker and whenever I installed it, dozens of other applications appeared. I didn’t get to test without installing any container to take the test, I was afraid of compromising the system as a whole.