Sharing Jellyfin through the Internet

Jellyfin version: 10.5.4 installed on a Linux Mint 19.3 Desktop

My Questions:
Is there a client for the Google Chromebook?
How does a remote user acquire the Jellyfin client?

I want to share access to my media with my son in the at his military base in Alaska, I’m in Florida. I checked this page: and frankly don’t understand what’s being communicated.

What does it mean that the client is included in the server? Does this mean that the remote user has to install the Jellyfin server to acquire the client, if not, is it located somewhere in my installation to extract and send to my son?

Thanks in advance.

In lieu of a dedicated client, any proper (i.e., not Internet Explorer) web browser can be used; Jellyfin functions as a web server, meaning to the end user it’ll be no more difficult than using YouTube.

For Chromebook you can use native Chrome browser to access your server or you can use playstore to install the Jellyfin app directly. Personally I just use the Chrome browser but create a shortcut link on the tray. (settings/more tools/create shortcut)

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