SIMKL integration


Hi, started using Jellyfin recently and would think that a SIMKL integration would be awesome for two things, movie/episode tracking as well as a database plugin for the metadata. It also seems that the SIMKL developers are happy to integrate with Jellyfin if they are willing to help.


Hi, Andrew from Simkl here. You can use our API to track what you watched in Jellyfin. We have a great detection by filename for anime tracking if you can send that one after watched. If anyone want to develop this in Jellyfin, you can contact us directly on our discord server, would love to help


Never heard of it before.

What’s the difference from services like Trakt or TMdb? (curios)


I prefer the layout of the site ALOT more and it has many more shows and anime that Trakt dont have, it would also mean that there plugin will be better developed because for somereason the anime plugin in jellyfin doesnt work well or at all for me.


Yeah looked ok.

Trakt is horrible but only uses it for tracking movies/episodes.

Movie/series info are pulled from TMdb.


Hey @Ennergizer!
Thanks for reaching out. I’ve set up an account for myself and the team, so we can look into it.

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Right - I haven’t had a chance to get to this yet, but I’ll try to this week. Though I’m a Core Team member, I’m not experienced in C#… but this gives me an excuse to try our Plugin template :slight_smile:


Hey all, I finally got around to working on this, and have most of the Simkl for Emby plug-in ported over. Just have to fix up the configuration page…


Just a heads up - work has stopped because I’ve hit a wall with trying to get the configuration page routes working. It’s here if anyone wants to look at it:

Current issue: When accessing the config page, it’s not possible to sign in. When you try to do so, it says the route isn’t available. I lack the knowledge to fix this at the moment. cc @Ennergizer