Some subtitle plugins

Tried to get some more subtitle plugins to work on Jellyfin and ended up with this.
i never made any plugins for jellyfin before so there is probably allot that needs to be fixed here, but ive tested it and only the TheSubDB plugin is not working atm

I would love to get more access to subtitles, but am a noobie to GitHub.
Is this command issued in Windows, or Linux, or …

il set it up as a plugin repository tomorrow so you can just add it to the jellyfin Repositories list and download it as a normal plugin

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I’m just wondering if I should see this somewhere by now?
Remember, I’m a noobie and don’t want to offend anyone.

Sorry but i forgot i made a promise here, you should never be afraid to offend me, if you feel like it i probably deserve it :slight_smile:

if you go into Dashboard => Plugins => Repositories
or just (JellyfinURL)/web/index.html#!/repositories.html
you can add a new repositiry with” as the repository url and you should see 2 subtitle plugins in the Metadata Section when you go back to the catalog section

ive just uploaded the 2 plugins now and are gonna upload the rest of asap, im having a hard time trying to understand github here :sweat_smile:

ok i finished uploading all the subtitle plugins, some of them work and some im not really sure if they are downloading or just crashing so if you get any errors from anything please tell me and il do my best to fix it

OK, great, I’ve loaded them in.
I will report any issues in the future.

I’m just curious; is there any way to tell where my subtitle came from? I’m looking for some confirmation that I may actually be using the new sources.
FYI: The “The SubDB” would not load for me.

before you start a show/movie press the … menu in the upper right corner and you get a button named edit subtitles, this can be used to download new subtitles and you can see what plugin is used for the subtitle.

Thanks i will check on the SubDB plugin later today, just woke up so i need a coffe and breakfast first