Status of the AndroidTV app development

JellyFin is amazing and one of my fav Open Source projects. The server version has been working rock stable for over a year. The new Android app is working smooth.

The AndroidTV app is clearly a bit behind, lots of minor and major issues, but still usable. Is there a place for users (not developers) to go to check for the status of AndroidTV development? Like a monthly blog, a Reddit page or specfic thread?

:wave: hey there! I’m one of the developers of the Android TV app (among other things). It’s probably not quite what you are looking for, but the best place currently to follow progress is on the GitHub Projects page. There we have a project for each planned release and any issues that are included in it. Personally I would like to start writing about what I’ve been working on in the project on a regular basis like I recently did for iOS. I just haven’t yet.

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Hi there, Thanks for all the great work! Do you have a target for your v0.13.0 release?

Still working on 0.12

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Understood, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Buenas noches a tod@s,nose si es el sitio correcto para preguntar
Tengo un pequeño problema
Cuando pongo la aplicación en Jellyfin Android TV esta en la pantalla principal muchas de las carátulas no se ven si no una especie de clip de vídeo
Pero en si lo abro vía web o móvil si aparece
Os a pasado algo parecido?
Un saludo