'Suggestions' suggesting already watched content

I just wanted to note that nearly all of the suggestions are movies I’ve already watched. Blue Checkmarks fill the entire row in many cases.

For example, "Because you Watched Pirates: On Stranger Tides:

  1. Prince of Persia [Watched]
  2. POTC: World’s End [Watched]
  3. POTC: Dead Man’s Chest [Watched]
  4. POTC: Curse of The Black Pearl [Watched]
  5. POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales [Watched]
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Watched}
  7. Black Panther [Watched].

Nearly all of my suggestions have at least half of them being movies I’ve already watched. I feel like if I’ve already watched a movie, recommending a bunch of others I’ve already watched based off that one is a bit of recursive.

All-in all, I’m really liking Jellyfin so far, and I realize it’s still pretty young, but I wanted to point this out in case nobody else has noticed this.