Transcoding buffer

is it possible to define a buffer size after which the slicing decreases its working speed?

The transcoding buffer jellyfin uses isn’t configurable in the current builds. I believe it’ll just keep transcoding till the end of the file or play back is stopped

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Thank you for your reply !
It is a pity that this is not possible. A buffer setting will better manage the CPU load and also the power consumption.
If a person stops the film at the middle of the reading (or an error during the reading, …), all the work (which will be done with a high workload) will be lost …

It is something I’d imagine will be implemented with time. You can request it specifically if it hasn’t been already on the feature requests site at

Thank you but despite two attempts, I do not receive the confirmation email :frowning:

I fixed it. We missed an update in a config file somewhere.

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