TV can't find DLNA Jellyfin

Hi all!
So I got this new TV and I wanted to get it to show my Jellyfin content. However, I can see my default router’s name, my Plex name (had to install it to check what was going on) but not Jellyfin.

I believe I have everything connected correctly and all the settings are as they shoud.

Any tips?

My stuff: Ubuntu, 10.4.1-1.

Is Plex running on the same server? Unfortunately the Jellyfin DLNA server doesn’t like to “share”, so if it isn’t the only thing that can grab the port of 1900, it won’t appear.

There are also some setting changes we can make, but this block is a set thing we can’t fix yet.

Well that’s unfortunate. My router does have some feature like that and I’m pretty sure I can’t fiz it and that the ISP won’t turn it off either.
Just to make me feel ever worst, both Emby and Plex had absolutely no issues with that. :disappointed:

If a different device is doing it, that’s fine. The router wouldn’t interfere in this case. It’s just if there’s more than one DLNA server running on the same machine.

Is there anything else running on the same computer? Like Plex, Spotify, or Emby? There are still some settings changes we can make to try and help as well.

We do agree it needs to be fixed, but so far it’s code we inherited from Emby.

Well, that’s strange. I didn’t have anything else. Now I do have both Emby and Plex but I’d rather have Jellyfin alone.
I’ll try running more tests, maybe install some other distro.


I’ll come back once I have any results, positive or negative.

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