Tvheadend Plug-in and Guide Not Working For One Channel


I recently recreated the network settings of my tvheadend install. Since then the guide in of my Jellyfin server fails to display the schedule for a particular channel. This displayed correctly previously. The channel in question plays correctly through the Jellyfin website.

Tvheadend and Jellyfin are installed on the same server.

Tvheadend version: Tvheadend 4.2.8-34~g24a2f59e9.
Jellyfin version: 10.6.4.
OS: Linux (Raspberry OS)

Jellyfin was installed following instructions along the lines here,

I have deleted and reinstalled the tvheadend plugin but it made no difference.

The offending channel EPG is populated in the tvheadend website.

Any advice as to how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated,