Unable to find linked item at path / UI Locked up

JellyFin has been working great for about a year. However over the past few days the system locks up when scanning the Libraries.

Reviewing the logs I see this message repeated often for the same files over multiple days " Unable to find linked item at path" Anyway I can remove those files from whatever index is causing them to be searched?

When the system is locked I can’t login to the Web GUI & the App is non responsive but what really confuses me the VM’s CPU, Memory, Network usage are all at minimal levels. Restarting the VM restores stability until the next scan fires. Other VMs on the host run well, no issues.

OS Debian as a VM on Proxmox
Jellyfin version 10.5.5

This sounds ominously like this issue, which I traced back to being caused by the TMDb Box Sets plug-in. I solved the problem rather brutally by uninstalling the plug-in and deleting all collections generated by it.

I’ve abstained from re-installing the plug-in until after I finish upgrading the remaining SD videos to HD (or at least as many as I can), but note that the version number of the plug-in (6.0.0) hasn’t changed since I first tried it (under 10.5.2), so suspect the problem will still be there.

If you don’t want to take that drastic a route, you can disable the scheduled task for the plug-in and only run it manually or very rarely (perhaps once a week or once a month?).

We have made updates to the BoxSet plugin. Version 6.0.0 was only recently released with 10.6.0. Version 5 was the previous one for the 10.5 series.

May I suggest upgrading @Jelly4Dogs?

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I stand corrected. I’ve just installed it and will report back in a few days as I shuffle more movies around.

My music Library had similar issues.

Removed the Collections plugin, Music & TV Show libraries then added back all seems OK now.

Unfortunately, the problem persists with 6.0.0 of the Box Sets plug-in;

[2020-08-07 13:19:32.735 +10:00] [INF] TmdbSearch: Finding id for item: "The Last House On the Left" (1972)
[2020-08-07 13:19:48.179 +10:00] [WRN] Unable to find linked item at path "/mnt/mVideos/Movies/Horror/The Last House on the Left (1972).mp4"
[2020-08-07 13:19:48.179 +10:00] [WRN] Unable to find linked item at path "/mnt/mVideos/Movies/Horror/The Last House on the Left (1972).mp4"
[2020-08-07 13:19:50.583 +10:00] [WRN] Unable to find linked item at path "/mnt/mVideos/Movies/Horror/The Last House on the Left (1972).mp4"

This was for a movie which was replaced with a higher-resolution version in a Matroska container.