Unable to fix disabled admin account (10.6.1 / Win10)

Jellyfin version : 10.6.1 x64
OS : Windows 10

As the title states, I managed to lock myself out of my admin jellyfin account.
At first I tried the usual password reset, which works but it does not enable the account again.
Then I tried looking at AppData\Roaming\Jellyfin-Server\config\users and checking the admin policy.xml but according to that the account is enabled, I reset the failed attempts to 0 and restarted the server but the account was still locked. Then I tried editing another users policy.xml to true but that seemed to have no effect even after a server restart.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to proceed I would be much obliged.
Thank you!

Hi there,

The XML files for users were migrated into the database during the upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6 so they’re not used anymore. You’d either have to edit the database file or wipe your instances and set it up again

Ah! Thank you for the information, might I ask which file is the one I need to look at? The only user file I can find is user.db.old. Editing them shouldn’t be much of a problem though.

Thanks again!

Edit : Managed to fix the problem by rolling back to 10.5.
For anyone wondering how to roll back after backend changes, here is a handy little guide.

It’s very simple.