Uninstall Jellyfin

Please can someone tell me how to uninstall jellyfin?

Uninstallation will be OS specific, what OS are you running jellyfin on and how did you install it?

I am running windows 7

Sorry, I Extracted the archive and ran Jellyfin.exe

Then you should be able to just delete the folder and that’s it gone

So, this doesn’t create a service on my machine or anything?

If you didn’t run the install script and just ran the straight exe then it won’t create a service

Ok , not sure what install script means, but when I installed a black window opened up.

Sorry to sound so stupid, but I’m new at this, I just wanted a way to see my movies on my fire stick.

No, just running the jellyfin.exe will not install the service

Were you having difficultes with that hence the uninstall?

No I was not.
I want to uninstall and put jellyfin on another pc, b/c the jellyfin app says server unavailable. This machine has an ethernet connection and I thought that might be the reason for the app not connecting.