Video not Playing on Android TV installed on rp4

I’ve installed android tv onto a raspberry pi 4. I installed jellyfin and everything works great, however when I play a movie, no video shows up. I get sound, but no video. Im playing mkv files. Id appreciate any help. Thanks.

Are you able to play the same files on another devices without issue? The server dashboard and logs should give you an idea if the file is being transcoded or if there’s any errors in playback if you want to take a look in there

Thank you for response. Yes, i can play the files from amazon fire stick ok. I will take a look at the server dashboard and the logs to see what the info shows. Is there any information I can provide you that could help in troubleshooting this? Thank you again. One thing i tried also, was that i created an image of libreelec and kodi and installed the jellyfin addon and got that to play on the rpi4. However, id like to use android if possible. Ive installed the lineage os version by konstakang. It works great for everything. Im assuming this is some sort of transcoding issue.

In the server dashboard it’ll tell you whether a client is being served a transcoded file and why it needed to be transcoded. The logs should give similar information but also detail any errors during playback. I’m sure you can install Kodi on Android and then the jellyfin addon on that if you wanted to give that a try too

I got on RP4 with Raspbian in my Sleeping room, I wanted to watch an x265 Movie last night, but it didn’t work. The RP4 keep rebooting… Is there something I need to install that it work?

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