VuPlus/Enigma2 Plugin - not getting installed

Hi @all,
as some of the other Forum-Members I’m comming from emby becaus of the removed Live-TV-Support in the free edition. So I was happy to find jellyfin.

I’ve been using Live-TV with an Enimga2 - Linux Receiver with emby. I found the plugin for jellyfin, too.

But the plugin is not shown at the installed nor the Channel - Site.
I guess because on github is the source-code and not the necessary dll

Does anyone already using this plugin and could help me, please?
Best regards,

Figured it out recently, you have to choose: branch: Jellyfin (not master) and then compile: dotnet build.
After dll installation to: /var/lib/jellyfin/plugins and configuring - looks like its working.

Wondering how to make this plug-in to be in official plugin repo?


The plugin has no license (one was never set by its author), so we can’t publish it officially. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m unable to get the plugin ported for jellyfin to work on my setup (jellyfin 10.5.5 on a Debian 10 LXC on Proxmox) after compiling with “dotnet build”. I downloaded the jellyfin branch and it produces the dll file in “jellyfin-plugin-vuplus/MediaBrowser.Plugins.VuPlus/bin/Debug/netstandard2.0/”. Does anyone else have a working version?


First of all this is my first post so hi all.

I have exactly same problem like you. I have compiled jellyfin brand and got the following file:

I copied these files into my plugins folder (/data/plugins/MediaBrowserPluginsVuPlus) but plugin is not showing up at plugins page on admin. Is there anyone who have working copy of that plugin?