Weird problem setting up, one pw field full of chars, one empty

So I put Jellyfin container in unRAID, I start it and access the setup wizard, only to reach the step where user and pass is set.
NONE of fields are selectable, it has filled the user name from a previews setup (where I also never finished startup wizard), a full of ****** password field and empty second (verify) password field.
As I said I cannot edit any of these.
I removed the container and re-installed it, only to reach same step (and again my user was remembered, again field 1 of password full of *** and field 2 -verify- empty).

What can I do?

When you removed the container did you also remove the data volume ? I can’t imagine any other way for it to have auto filled that information otherwise

unRAID doesn’t remove the data volume as it is used by other containers.
That said the problem shouldn’t have happened from the beginning.
I will see what I can do with the data volume and get back to this thread.

OK cleaned the data volume, reinstalled the container and…

  • If I try to use the startup wizard from chrome, it only allows me to select English (United States) and for next step (user/pass) it doesn’t allow me to type at all.
  • If I try to use it from Edge, the requester for language is empty, so I cannot even go through step one!
  • Using it on unRAID own monitor, that allows for firefox, it allows proper selection of language and going forward with the wizard.

…after wizard finishes I have the following behavior:

  • Again from chrome from my main machine, I go to jellyfin server login page but I am not allowed to type anything! Buttons are clickable, but useless without text entry.
  • Edge helps this time around, as it allows for proper login.


…and further tests.
I installed Firefox on my client computer (Win10 x64).
Same situation. Cannot enter anything in the text fields (to login).

@NLS Are there any errors in the development console when you’re trying to login?

Usually F12 will bring it up in most cases.

Very good suggestion.
Well if I can read things properly, I only see two warnings:

emby-button.js?v=10.4.0:59 [Deprecation] document.registerElement is deprecated and will be removed in M80, around February 2020. Please use window.customElements.define instead. See https: // and https: // for more details.
(anonymous) @ emby-button.js?v=10.4.0:59


notifications.js?v=10.4.0:10 [Deprecation] The Notification API may no longer be used from insecure origins. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See https: // for more details.
onOneDocumentClick @ notifications.js?v=10.4.0:10

Then there is a huge list of:

keyboardnavigation.js?v=10.4.0:27 Disabling default event handling

Also in Application tab (in Chrome) it says that “page is not server from a secure origin” (I know) and “no matching service worker detected”.

@NLS Those first two warnings are fine, we know about them.

The Keyboard part raises some interesting questions… Do you have a game controller connected to the computer at all? Even a “Steering Wheel” or joystick?

I have controllers connected and will try without those tonight.
(although if they are the cause it still would classify as a bug)

Anyway I did some further tests…

From work Chrome, connected through VPN to my network, the login page works fine.
Note that this Chrome is exactly same version AND with the same extensions as my home (as they sync). Also note that I tried Chrome AND Windows in safe mode to see if there is any “3rd party” thing that gets in the way. Issue still the same.

Firefox presents the same issue (although it is a virgin install - no extensions).
Edge works.

What I noticed in browsers that do NOT work is the following:

<label class="inputLabel inputLabel-float inputLabelUnfocused" for="txtManualPassword">Κωδικός:</label>

inputLabelUnfocused never turns to inputLabelFocused (or does it just for a split second).

So there lies the issue, something “steals” the focus from the field entry, an issue I have with NO other web page or web based app (also in my work Chrome I do see this turning to focused - so clearly this is the difference).

(btw “Κωδικός” means password in case you didn’t get it)

The controllers where the issue!

Actually an X56 HOTAS.

Note that this controller doesn’t affect any other web page or web application (or anything for that matter).

So I still consider this an issue of Jellyfin.

@NLS Sorry for the delay. Duly noted - we’ve had this come up once already with a steering wheel, so I’m glad I asked.

We’ll file a bug on that.