Windows 10 app?


I have my jellyfin server running on linux and i will be accessing it remotely on my windows 10. My windows can run all video and audio formats with potplayer. Sometimes, I play video on jellyfin web player and there is no audio because of 5.1 or DTS sound format so is there any windows player that can play all the files and formats like potplayer or vlc do for local files?

I don’t want to transcode my files to preserve quality and server resouces.

As far as I’m aware there is no native app for jellyfin on windows. However, you could use Kodi as there is an addon which will allow you to view the content on your computer off the server. Since Kodi supports just about every format under the sun it should not require transcoding and should play 5.1 and DTS just fine (though I’ve never tested those myself)

Here you can find instructions on downloading and installing the jellyfin for Kodi addon.