All albums by single artist showing up as single box set incorrectly

Version: 10.6.4
Operating System: Linux (Ubuntu)
Architecture: X64

I store my music in a typical folder structure

  • artist
    | - album1
    | | - song1
    | | - song2
    | - album2


I have found one artist in all my collection that is not being parsed correctly in library scans. For some reason this artists albums (16 or so of them) are all being detected as a single box set for this artist. I don’t own the box set and am not sure if the track listing is even accurate.

I checked the mp3 files and confirmed that the ID3 tags contain the correct album names. I checked in Jellyfin web’s UI for editing metadata and the album is correct in there. But for some reason this album info is being ignored in scans and everything is being put into a box set.

I’m not sure how to update this properly so I see the correct albums, given the metadata is correct. Any hints or ideas welcome!