Can I side load the Android app

Is there a way to side load the android app onto the nvidia shield? The android tv app does not seem to be updated. The web and android app look great. Is there a time frame for the next android tv update? I just asking if I can track the progress of the android tv app.

Sideloading: Yes you can do that using ADB or by downloading the APK from your browser. The APK is always build by our CI in the repository.

Updates: The latest update for the Android TV app (0.11.4) was a few weeks ago to fix some smaller issues. The last major update (0.11.0) was back in February. The next big update is still being worked on but we’re really short on contributors so it takes a lot of time.

Progress: You can see all changes made in the GitHub Repository.

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Thanks :+1: you guys are doing a great job.