Client AndroidTV - Debug version

Hi everyone

First of all I want to congratulate you for the job you have done, a very good application, Thank you.

I have two questions for you.

I installed jellyfin server on Windows 10, and the jellyfin Android TV client (from Google store) on my Nvidia shield and it works fine …,

My problem is when I compile the Android TV client with Android studio and install it, it works, but there are some features that don’t:

1- It is impossible to make an autologin by saving the connection data of the last user. As I am new to Android programming, I made 2 small changes to the authentication.kt file. Line 32. (At the FIXME comment level)

I set depends to true instead of false

Same thing in Line 42.

I have access to the section , I can check the box to connect with the current user, but every time I relaunch jellyfin debug version it asks me to enter the user and the password …

The 2nd problem is that the nvidia shield device is not listed in the jellyfin cast section at the Windows server level, the server displays it at the dashboard level, but not available for the jellyfin Cast section !

Could you tell me what to do to get the debug version to work properly …

Thank you

Hi there,

We’re currently revamping all authentication code in the Android TV app. The auto login feature is missing right now and will return soon.

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