Docker version on synology


Hi all, i’m trying on xpenology in docker version but i’m not able to config the transcode.
I’m setting the ffmpeg path, setting VAAPI but if i set the use of hardware dec/enc the process stop, the log is truncate and the web page still in loading. If try without transcode seems to work normally but cpu load is so high.
There is a trick or i missing something?

p.s. i hope in native version soon.


idk if docker supports transcoding.


Sorry, i don’t undersand idk.
I’m actually using emby in docker (after they migrate to new version) with transcode and is ok after some test.


Unfortunately the ffmpeg version used in the Docker container doesn’t support hardware encoding right now. This is definitely something we’re planning to do in the future but that’ll require us to create our own ffmpeg builds.


What docker container did you take? Until very recently (not yet in stable release) we’ve switched ffmpeg provider for our Docker container to some that has vaapi support. So if you’re not using master or rc1 docker image you won’t get vaapi support.


I download the docker from app on synology, linked to:
There is no problem to test another version if you can tell me what.


You should be able to add :rc1 behind the image name to use the 10.2.0 release candidate 1 version. Please be aware that this version of Jellyfin includes lots of other changes and is still being tested. If you come across bugs, please tell us! :smiley:

Once 10.2.0 has been released, you’ll want to switch back to using the latest tag (which is the default when no tag is specified) to receive further updates.


Ok, thank you, tonight i’ll try.


Ok, after one fast test it’s seem that the trancsodig on gpu is working.
I test the rc1 like suggested but for work is necessary to start/open docker via command line adding --device /dev/dri/renderD128 otherwise VAAPI won’t work.
I’ve also adding the PUID, GUID and GIDLIST, but when possible i try with --user paramater.

anyway i hope for native version app.