DTS X, DTS HD passtrhough Nivida Shield


I really like Jellyfin so far and thanks. I have a NAS setup which i’m using Jellyfin as my server and using Nvidia Shield 2019/2017 as my clients.I’m currently getting passthrough with Dolby Atmos by turning off the transcoding feature but not with DTS X, DTS HD or True HD. I’ve read that you can get passthrough with kodi using it as an external player.

  1. SInce im getting Dolby Atmos with the default players is there a way currently to get DTS X, DTS HD without using kodi?
  2. Are there any other external players out there currently where you can get passthrough of all codecs other than kodi?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Got it working just had the pass direct path for external player checked when i shouldn’t have it checked

Problem solved.