Easy login on registered devices

When I login in my Android tv, I have to type every time my “hard to guess” password.
Once a device have been logged it, it would be useful to be able to login with just a short pin.

Sorry to post here, I couldn’tt find a place to post new ideas.

In the app settings for Android TV, you can change it to automatically login as the last user. This doesn’t help when switching users though. We do plan on improving the login process in the next major release of the app.

I may be missing something… I am affected for https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-androidtv/issues/167; no user listed and problems to type. I could login using a physical keyboard, but when leaving the app (after some time) user logs out and I have to type again “long password impossible to guess neither to remember”. I saw a token menu, so I thought it could take advantage of it and keep a list of “trusted devices” and make login from them simplier with a numerical pin.
You could use a QR code (like syncthing) to verify a device, but that would take longer to implement.

There is a setting to stay logged in so you only need to sign in once.

I can stay logged in my computer, but androidTV don’t list uses, neither can I keep them logged.
It is a current bug, I will check the project again in some time.

Users are hidden by default, this is a server setting. Therefore the Android TV app won’t show them either. And once again, to keep a user logged in you need to enable that functionality in the app. Open de settings after signing in.

We are working on making it easier to remember users in the next update but this takes time.

I couldn’t see the keep logged option; I will check, thanks.

I know, that’s why I am waiting for improvements. Sorry I cannot help coding; and thanks for your time and effort.