FLAC not getting album art


I’ve just started using jellyfin.

I have a number of albums where I can not get the album art to download. Songs are detected, etc., but no matter what I do album art won’t download, even if I enter the musicbrainz IDs for album and artist. If I have a jpg of the album in the album directory named correctly it will show up.

It seems as if the albums without album art are all FLAC files. MP3 albums are detected and album art is downloaded almost immediately, but I can set IDs, rescan manually, etc, and albums of FLAC don’t have art.

I’m running 10.6.4 on a fully updated Manjaro Linux. Library is on a USB drive, mounted a few levels under /home/jellyfin, with rwx by jellyfin:jellyfin, readable by others.

Any suggestions? Or is this a bug?


my first bet would be that there is no album art available with the metadata providers e.g. with TheAudioDb or Fanart.tv
You could check there if they have some art listed, because as far as I remember Musicbrainz does not deliver any albumart anymore.

I’d advice to just put the cover.jpg into the album folder anyway this way you are not dependent on any metadata provider for album art – MusicBrainz Picard can do this for you if you don’t want to do it manually.

Thanks for the reply.

The albums in particular are all Rush albums, so it’s not like they’re anything obscure.

But I know it’s downloading album art, as it downloaded the cover for the Headlong Flight “album” which is an mp3, but won’t do anything for an album comprised of flacs.

As soon as I moved Headlong into my library, it had art. Moving an album comprised of flacs, and nothing.

Most of my album directories do NOT have art in them, so I’ve been relying on this (or Plex or emby which I tried and deleted) to show the art.

Just had a thought… Does jellyfin look at directories or tags when looking for art, etc? Wondering if the flacs are missing a tag or something that would help?

Also, I have a fair number of albums ripped as FLAC, and it’ll be a pain to manually so that for all those.

I also use mostly flac and the covers are read correctly, so I can’t rule it out completely that it’s a flac issue but it seems rather low of a chance to be honest.

Could it be, that your MP3s have the album cover embedded in the files themselves?
You could check with “Mp3tag” to see if there is some art embedded as jelly reads the metadata tags of the files for art also.
Btw: all my rush albums also have the cover just embedded in the flac file and not listed in the directory as a separate file, and all are shown in jellyfin with cover.

(and +1 for rush in your library :slight_smile: )

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OK then.

Embedding the cover into the FLACs did indeed solve that issue.

Unfortunately, that means none of my FLACs have cover art, so either way it’s going to be long manual process. Ugh. Or I’ll look at Picard, tho I don’t actually pull up the GUI on this box very often and I’m doing all this file manipulation via ssh from a windos box.

However…I thought scraping mucisbrainz and audiodb was supposed to grab things like that so that I wouldn’t have to do all this manually? (And also download artist images, etc.)

emby does grab all those images from somewhere (I tried that too before deciding on Jellyfin). Is that something that could be forthcoming in a later jellyfin release? I think Plex does that as well.

(I’m very glad I caught Rush’s R40 tour.)


Oh by the way, have you enabled the plugins in their settings so they are used as metadata providers?

Server Dashboard > Plugins > and for AudioDB and Musicbrainz > “Enable this provider for metadata searches on artists and albums.”

I also installed the fanart plugin, which you could use as source for album covers – see settings of your music library, there you have to activate it once its installed and the server was restarted (which also goes for the other two plugins AudioDB and musicbrainz, so also check if the checkmarks are set in your library settings for those!)

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Ok…I just enabled the plugins. I assume it’s going to take some time to rescan, so I’ll let you know how that goes later.

I DO have those enabled for each Library, just didn’t have the plugins themselves enabled. Didn’t even think of having to do that. Might be nice to have a note in the Library setup screens to say to make sure the plugins are enabled. :slight_smile:


Ah…yes…actually enabling the plugins worked. I’m already starting to see artist images show up. :metal:



Great! happy to help :slight_smile:

[And I agree, the non set check mark in the plugins should be either on per default or should be referenced during library setup as (and that’s a guess but I think it might be accurate) 95%+ of the users wont even know such a setting exists.]

I actually did just come across the documentation stating to enable those plugins, but it’s on the page for setting up the music directory structure. Not the most intuitive place to look for that.

I knew that it was weird that FLACs themselves were causing an issue, but at the time that was the only correlation I could see.

[And I agree, the non set check mark in the plugins should be either on per default or should be referenced during library setup as (and that’s a guess but I think it might be accurate) 95%+ of the users wont even know such a setting exists.]

Yet as near as I can tell I’m the first one to notice this. :roll_eyes: LOL

Thanks for the help.