Generating album art in music library

I have a well maintained Music library I’m adding to Jellyfin.

  1. My mp3s are all fully tagged and I don’t want Jellyfin to do any third party tag retrievals. In the library settings I unchecked all the “metadata downloaders”. This does what I want, right?

but the library scan is still super slow, so I enabled debug logging which leads to

  1. Jellyfin is extracting the album image from ever single mp3. That’s practically doing 15 times the same thing. Isn’t it reasonable when you get the art from 1 song to use it for the whole album and avoid unnecessary work?

Or is having the album art embedded in the mp3s unexpected?

Not even sure that’s the slow part, because I’ve ran ffprobe and ffmpeg manually and they return instantly. Adding a 19 songs album took 3m10s - relevant log after I moved and retagged an album. Most of the time is spent on whatever happens after "[DBG] Getting image size for item “Audio”.

I’m not sure about the scanning speed in general, but I can offer a suggestion as to why it would extract from each MP3.

A lot of the scanning and folder structure stuff comes from legacy XBMC “standards”, which are widely adopted by most major players now (e.g. Plex). In that case, it would normally be expected to have a “folder.jpg” or “album.jpg” for the disc. Even with that present, it would still check in each MP3 for an image, in case there is any unique artwork. I’ve actually purchased some commercial releases that do have per-track artwork (Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I - IV comes to mind first).

I’m not sure if it marks and removes duplicates when it’s done. I’ll have to ask the server folks.

I didn’t know there is a legitimate per song use. I can turn off the Image Extractor for this library and create folder.jpg files myself. Judging by my /var/lib/jellyfin/metadata folder, there’s no deduplication. It has 4231 images for 461 albums.

The slowness comes from the database. I’m running a Raspberry Pi and since nobody else is complaining, there’s probably an issue with this sdcard.

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Yeah, I asked the server folks and the response was that there likely is no dedupe at the moment. That’s something I hope we can tackle with future work.