Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q

I would very much like support for this tuner because Im trying to leave Plex even with a lifetime pass because they are utter garbage and Ive had enough but mostly I was looking for a good option for my live tv from my antenna. I guess I have to keep looking unfortunelty unless this is planned soon. And dont suggest 3rd party whatever. Im not interested. I want native support or nothing.

It is supported in Linux 4.1+
Remember to add the firmware file.

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I suck at Linux and dont know it well enough to probably be able to get it to work though that OS. I use it on a laptop but that is about it. Would you be able to suggest some third party stuff for windows 10 pro please? Sorry about how rude I was in the original post. I was going to edit it but can’t.