Hdhomerun EPG with metadata or TVheadend

I am just configuring jellyfin for the first time on my PC
I am fed up with Plexs recently updated and broken EPG and recording failures so looking to try out this as my preferred recording system
I have jellyfin all up and seeing my movie folder no issues
It can see my HDhomerun tuner and imports the channel line up - It then quickly seems to import the EPG but there is no EPG present in the guide ?
I see there are 2 options fo EPG but I was hoping the system would use the built in EPG that the networks provide over the air
I use the over the air EPG with no issue with TVHeadend
I can use the TVheadend addin and this all works OK as far as a 7 day EPG (except there does not seem anyway to get any metadata for this EPG configuration)
Ideally I would rather use the HDhomerun tuner direct rather through another client with full EPG and metadata
Or is there a way to configure tvheadend to use metadata
Thanks for your help. Enjoying jellyfin a lot - so speedy to watch my stuff