Help for my use case with headless devices


I started using Jellyfin about 2 months ago and love it. But I’m having some trouble with how to go about putting some thing together for everything to run smoothly.

use case:

  • mostly music, though some clients might also play videos
  • use of SyncPlay for multiform playback
  • Some clients are headless players that I would like to control from other clients (e.g. phone). It’s important that playback does not rely on the controlling device (the phone) to be connected for playback itself (as in casting via that phone).


  • for now I have a raspberry pi 4 as the server, which seems to run fine
  • the headless devices start a web client in chromium on startup (and automatically switch older amps via IR and/or RF switches when audio is playing/stopping).


  • I cannot start audio playback on a headless device from another client unless I manually clicked play in the headless devices browser. For now I start the chromium session in remote-debugging mode and forward that debugging port, so that I can get the headless device’s browser screen inside my phones’ browser. Once I clicked play once, I can start stop, until the device/chrome session is restarted. But that is still a bit cumbersome
  • I’d like to control which users can play on which devices, but as far as I can understand I can only allow users to control any device or none
  • Along those lines: I looking for a jukebox mode, where some users can only add titles to the playlist
  • I’d like to somehow adjust the volume by changing the attached amps volume instead of the software volume level in the browser (i.e. somehow route the volume change information outside to somewhere I can use that to control my own scripts).

this is where I’m currently stuck on and I’m wondering there are better/easier approaches to this

I appreciate any feedback