How can we group to video files of different quality into one video?

I have my movies or TV Shows in the following ways,

Movies/ 1080p/ Inception (2010)/ Inception.mkv
      / 720p / Inception (2010)/ Inception.mkv

The content of the both the 720p and 1080p folders are same, just the resolution is different. Is it possible for folders to be grouped together as one movie, and we can choose the quality, without selecting each duplicate and doing it manually?

If you put them side by side, they get recognized automatically. See:

Anything else requires manual grouping.

ok thanks for the heads up. will it be the same for tv shows episodes?

TV Shows are supposed to group automatically, but that’s broken right now. For that one, the manual method is the only way at the moment. We have an issue open for it to be fixed :smile:

ok guess I can leave that for later. Thanks a lot for the help and for this awesome project as well. :grin:

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