How to install 'Jellyfin Theater (desktop) '


Hi Team,

Is there a windows installer for Jellyfin Theater available? the instructions on the webpage are a bit beyond me.

Could a kind soul make a build package based on the instructions?

Cheers Neil


Hi there.

Maybe if the instructions are simplified even more it may help.

  1. Download node.js [LTS version] (this will also install NPM) -

  2. Go to and click Clone or Download then Download Zip as shown below

  3. Unzip the folder to a location of your choice.

  4. Go to that location and hold SHIFT + right click > Open command window here where you will be presented with the following window.

  5. Within the same window type npm install. A couple of confirmation messages will appear.

  6. Navigate to the jellyfin-theater-electron folder and open the database.txt file in a text editor.

  7. Change the default values to your.local.ip:port i.e. (use your own loacl IP and the port you setup Jellyfin server with, default is 8096).

  8. Save & close

  9. Now go back to the command window and type npm-start.

You should be met with a nice Jellyfin Theater window. If you aren’t then we’ll just have to go back to step 1 and start again. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Oh and this was thrown together in 5 minutes just for Windows clarity. Please always follow the official guides for setup instructions.


Yes that worked but it’s just a windowed version of the main jellyfin server home view.

I thought it was supposed to be similar to the standalone Emby theatre app?

Guess I’ll stick to the Emby WMC plug-in for the time being.