How to migrate to a new machine?


I’m using Jellyfin (version 10.6.4) on a 2014 mac mini running macos Mojave 10.14.6 and want to migrate to another machine, a 2018 mac mini running macos Big Sur 11.1.

Is that just a matter of moving the .config and .local directories (in the home directory) or is there more I need to pay attention to?


  • Ray.

As I finally found some time to try things out, I’ll answer it myself for future viewers!

This assumes things like paths to media files, machine names etc. stay the same:

  • On the new machine, install and open the This will open your web browser to invite you to configure the new configuration, but do not do that. Instead close the browser.
  • Now copy ~/.config/jellyfin and ~/.local/share/jellyfin from the old to the new machine.
  • Reboot, start Jellyfin and you’re all set.

As far as I can tell, this procedure will copy all settings, libraries, watched status etc. (In case I missed something perhaps one of the devs can chime in.)

Hi Ray,

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be submitted as new feature(s) for future Jellyfin versions. Some sort of “magic” button ‘Migrate existing Jellyfin server’ in first run page, a couple forms/check boxes with address of the “old” Jellyfin server, copy of existing users, auto-installation of plugins present on the “old” server and duplicate their settings, etc. and then all the magic happens within Jellyfin itself.

That would be nice, yes. Although it could get a little bit hairy because of migration varieties between platforms…