How to use United States release date for movies


Main thing is the topic discussion, what I am wanting to know is if there is a way and how to do it exactly on getting the release date metadata for movies to use the United States release date of said movie? As currently it just seems to be using the earliest release date available for a movie which messes up some of my collections…

I’ve tried setting the library settings to both “English” and “United States” in the manage library section, along with the library metadata section in dashboard -> libraries -> metadata and have tried refreshing the metadata but neither seem to work and just continue to pull the earliest release date of the movie.

An example:

47 Meters Down when looking at the metadata in jellyfin for the movie it lists the release date as 05/25/2017 which going by tmdb is the release date of the movie in Italy, the release date for United States on the other hand is 06/16/2017 which I would much prefer to use instead…

Hopefully someone can help out with this, as I would like to finally make my move away from plex and start using jellyfin but this issue is kinda deterring me already :confused:

I see the issue. When we request data from TMDb, we use the general API, and that’s what they return:

We can probably make a change to have it respect the library settings for country choice, but it would have to be a code change, and thus it would come in a later update.

If you did change it manually in the meanwhile, you can always “lock” the item so it doesn’t get overwritten.

Ah well that would def explain the issue on why it wasn’t adhering to the library settings for country choice, I can say though I would love to see that changed to where it will respect the library setting for country choice and choose the release dates for the country that the user has chosen even if it does come in a later update.

Should I create a feature request on jellyfins github repo for this?

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