I’m amazed that Jellyfin managed to be the better program despite being free and built by unpaid users

Truly open source software is the future, I’m amazed at the speed and fantastic new features being added all the time, and for the most part does things way better and cleaner (excluding the music player, but even that’s been massively improved with 1.6)

Somehow, plex, a program that’s funded by ads, subscriptions, and has full time staff, can’t even rip metadata from a .wav. So much for being “perfect for audiophiles”

I have zero regrets swapping 90% to Jellyfin, and once music supports much better my plex server is going down for good.

Thanks everyone who’s added even a single line of code for allowing us to have a truly self hosted server.


Hey, another melomaniac Jellyfin user & contributor here!

10.6 redesign is not done yet and I have further plans for it. It won’t probably be finished until 10.8. I’m curious what it’s missing for you in the music side of things in 10.6/unstable version so I can note those things down and try to get them in the client. One thing I can think of is lyric support. What about you?

Thank you very much in advance!

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There’s a redesign for mobile that’s happening that makes the player look much better 10.6, but if you want my dream suggestions then: (This is like if it was perfect not what I expect in 10.6)

-download support on mobile
-display names and album art in iOS now playing (the lock screen and in the system menu)
-lyric support
-Support for each disk to have its own cover art, and 1 overall album art (maybe even support for images of disks themselves.)
-album booklet support
-show all artists at the top of the album (will only do that if you remove the album artist tag)
-fix musicbrainz album art scraping (but make it smart, keep local album art if the musicbrainz quality is worse, and replace if it’s better)
-last.fm support for artist info (the unofficial plugin is very inconsistent)
-loudness levelling
-toggle for gapless playback
-sweet fades™
-add multiple albums to up next with select
-and hell, some visualizers would be neat.

It’s a lot, but it would be “perfect” if it was like this, most of these I had already asked for on the feature request page. I don’t expect all of it, but if someone sat me down and asked what i needed for my ultimate music player, that would be it.

The only reason I still use plex is that there is no jellyfin client available on Roku nor my LGTV. Jellyfin is superior to Plex however in many ways.

? There should be a Roku client https://channelstore.roku.com/details/592369/jellyfin

Yeah, we need to publicize the Roku client more than we have. In the past two days we’ve updated the main page and the clients list on the main website (jellyfin.org) to show it.

LG remains a work in progress but it’s moving along well.

So in terms of lyric support, do you mean through embeds, or some service like lyricfind?