Is NextPVR plugin broken?

I’m using the latest NextPVR server and although I am able to watch live TV in its own app/interface, when I try to play a channel in Jellyfin Mobile I get this error message:

Any reason why?

Hrm. It sounds like it’s not getting a feed it supports, or is not able to transcode.

I’ll need to check if we’ve rebuilt that plug-in lately. It’s likely that it needs an update.

@delacosta78 Does the feed work through the Jellyfin webpage on a computer?

It works on the Android TV app when I turn off the option to stream Live TV directly, it doesn’t work in the computer either.

Are you using the latest v4 version or already the v5 beta version of NextPVR?
Are the channels HD or SD?

I’m using the latest v4 version (4.2.4 (190307)) and the channels are in HD except for one in SD.

OK, the version should be fine.

I just testet a few things on my server and I can see that some channels are also failing on my server.
The thing is I cannot see any pattern…
Sometimes a channel is not working via the webinterface and sometimes the same channel is working fine.

Yeah, like I mentioned, this sounds like something is either failing to transcode. Some server logs around the time you get a non-working channel would be super helpful in this case.

Did you figure it out? I’m a new Jellyfin user. I’ve installed NextPVR and like you, I get the same message. I can’t get Android TV to work either. The TV streams fine using Chrome on my desktop PC. Is it an Android issue? Is there some setting I’m missing? Log here (!AvyWEfBopq2Tgco_OfhBPVH7-sJXQA?e=CNgVWb).