Jelly is hellbent on transcoding


Use case: playback on various mobile devices.
e.g. Nvidia Shield Tab [ supports up to hevc 10 bit ]

Kiwi browser [ chromium based, reports hevc 10 bit supported and plays it just fine ]
pretty much only h264 is played directly and forces transcode from aac to mp3 for no reason whatsoever [ of course browser plays aac just fine, checked by any test ]

Jelly Android App, fastest interface of the bunch, TRANSCODE ALL THE THINGS, even 480p h264 claiming that it exceeds bandwidth

Kodi with jelly addon, behaves best in terms of transcoding avoidance, pretty much plays everything directly. But the UI is horrid on touch devices, from any angle.

Transcoding is out of the question where it matters [ big files, hevc 10 bit ] as it fails during seeking, more often than not and only relaunch helps

Per device “force transcode off” option would help immensely

Edit. Kodi with Estouchy and stripped UI seems like best solution atm, snappy and no hint of transcoding whatsoever