Jellyfin app Login: Connection failure

Hello, I am using the android jellyfin app downloaded from Google Play.
The server version is 10.5.5 from synology docker, and the app version is 2.0.1.
I had no problem using it a few days ago, but now it’s not available only on Android apps.
The web browser and Android TV version app work fine.
When I try to log in from the app, the Connection failure window appears and the login fails.
Both reverse proxy and IP address are not working.
How can i fix it?

Starting from version 2.1.1 of the app we require a server version of 10.6.0 or higher. This update should also fix a bunch of connection issues so I’d recommend updating your server.

I updated the server to version 1.6.4 and app to version 2.1.1, but it still doesn’t work.

very annoying.

server v10.6 has known issues with the network manager (i.e. chromecast casting not working because v10.6 is sending wrong IP). Server v10.5.5 works fine.

server v10.5.5 is now not supported by the Android app v2.2.0. And every android user gets app v2.2.0 and no (besides side-loading) way to downgrade…



The casting issues should be fixed in the 10.7 release which will be coming soon. There’s multiple workarounds for 10.6 though.

so, since 25-10-2020 (app v2.1.1) until release of v10.7 (date unknown) it is broken (and v10.7 has not yet proved this issue is solved).

none of the workarounds work though. tried them all. Multiple users on the forum also report this. Also tried the master branch yesterday because of relevant merges, still does not work… :frowning:
Only variant that works fine is server v10.5.5 with app v2.0.1. But ‘normal’ android users are not going to sideload an app.

shouldn’t the App testing schema catch this before release?

The change to support only server 10.6 >= was made in 2.1.

JUser, if the problem hasn’t gone away yet, I have a suggestion. Perhaps the problem is with your phone or router or both. I was having the same result when trying the Android app and checked on my ASUS router to find that my Note 9 showed as having 2 devices connected through it and the MAC wasn’t correct. The phone was also having other connection problems with the router. I checked the wifi settings on my phone for the router and it had the option for a randomized MAC enabled. I changed it to use the phone’s actual MAC and I was able to connect, both through the local IP to my server and remotely through the Web. So maybe a recent update on your phone or router changed something on one of them.