Jellyfin, IPTV and Nvidia Shield

So I have a Nvidia Shield and I am using it with Sportz tv IPTV service. I want to use Jellyfin to watch live tv and use the record (dvr) feature. I downloaded the app from the play store and am just stuck at the beginning. It asks for my address, which auto populates and then it does nothing else. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there! You need to set up a Jellyfin server on a computer or NAS. Jellyfin does not run a server on an nVidia Shield. It is just a playback client.

Thank you. So I just need to set it up on my computer and I should be good to go then?

hello again. So after some work, I was able to get my IPTV working and the guide has finally updated. Took about 3 hours, but its done. I am able to see the guide on my tv through my shield now. The only problem is, i am only seeing about 50 channels of the thousands I have. They all show up on my computer, but not my shield. Is this as simple as doing a favorites list? I dont need all those channels through my shield, but would like a couple hundred. is there a max and if so what is the way to go about choosing or changing which ones I can view. I am sorry if these are noob questions. I do appreciate your help.

Good to hear it’s working! I don’t know if we’ve tested that many channels through the Android TV app before. A lot of us are using it with TV Tuners and Antennas. Let me tag in the Android TV team…

@AndroidTVDev Any thoughts?

I know some older pages have hardcoded limits but a quick search didn’t show anything for the amount of channels. As I don’t use the Live TV feature I can’t say much else about it.

I haven’t experienced this issue with my fire stick and the androidtv app. It took 3 hours to parse everything? That’s a little high. Is Jellyfin on an ssd or hdd?

HDD. Also, i worked with it a couple hours. several reboots later, all of the channels started showing up. everything is working great, just takes a very long time to refresh the channel guide info. I guess I need to give it some time before I start asking for help. Thanks for all the responses though. This is exactly what I was looking for. A great looking guide that will let me record IPTV shows and series.


OK, so its still take forever to refresh the guide. I can deal with that. for the life of me, I cant get anything to record.I set up my IPTV channels to record and it shows they are set. they just never record. any thoughts? I have checked the folders I set up and nothing. nothing shows up under recordings either. I have series set up to record and they wont either.

I’m not sure, can you record iptv via web or is it broken just on the android TV

it doesnt record anywhere. Am i missing a plug in or something like that? It should record whatever is playing correct?

No plugin needed for recording, but you might have to set a folder (I thought it did automatically though). You should be able to choose a show in the guide and press the record button.

I set up a specific folder to record too. I have tried to record shows that are on now, ones that are in the future and ones that are 6 hours away. they all say they are scheduled to record and never do.

What OS are you running? It could be a permission issue.
Have you looked at the logs?

windows 10. I have not looked at the logs. I am new to all of this. I dont even know what i would be looking for.

Oh, sorry, I have a Linux install. With Windows, it should have the correct permissions. Have you checked the directory/folder you are wanting to record to to see what permissions are listed? That’s where I’d start.

I will give that a try, thanks.

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