Library of pictures (photos) broken

I am using Jellyfin also to organize, browse and view my photos, what was working pretty well until the latest update to 10.5.5 (on Ubuntu 18.0.4).

Now photos are not displayed anymore. Only the directory structure is displayed and some videos I took with my camera and stored next to the photos.

I deleted the photos library and created it anew. I noticed that a couple of photos are displayed shortly after scanning starts but disappear after a while.

Could you please look into this issue?

Thank you very much.

How many photos are in the folder?

I have not counted them, but I estimate about 2000.
They are organized in a folder hierarchy with up to three levels.

As said, it worked well until one of the latest updates, but I cannot tell exactly when this happens.

I created now a second library upon the same directory structure, but with “mixed content” instead of “photos”.
The result is all the same: No photos are shown, a nearly empty folder structure bar the few videos.

BTW: I noticed, when I started scanning of the second library, the scan also starts for the first library. The two libraries are not really independent?

Any news or findings so far?

Sorry - got bogged down looking at another issue. I think there was a display issue if a folder is over 500 files, and I don’t remember if that’s fixed yet.

I’ll try and dump a copy of a large photo library in to my test install and see what happens.

Great. Thanks for taking care.

I just created a library pointing to a subfolder with only about 30 photos. The result is all the same: No pictures are displayed.
As said, it already worked well with the complete collection up to a certain point of time. So I do not think this is an old bug which limits the number of pictures per library, but a new one.

And I added also a png and a gif. None are shown. So it is not a matted of picture format, but general a problem with pictures.

Looking at some code files in the Git repo which deal somehow with photo processing, I noticed that Mark Monteiro made some changes around April.
Maybe something went wrong by then and you could pass the issus to him?
(Unfortunatelly, I am not a C# expert, nor do I have any clue of the jellyfin architecture. So I can`t be of any help.)

Have the same issues, just installed Jellyfin for the first time.
pictures are not displayed (Ubuntu 18.04.03) after scan