Local Network settings for IPv6


I am trying to setup my “Local Network” settings. The IPv4 part works fine so far. But I am struggling with IPv6. I have managed to get it to work with my “global” IPv6 address starting with 2003:. As I recognized that this address changes every night, I tried to set it up with my local ULA adress, starting with fd00:. But I had no success with it. Could anyone please provide guidance, how I have to enter my IPv6 IP mask?

Thanks in advance.

okay, it seems like the mask itself works. when i use fd00::/64 in the network settings, I can access my jellyfin server directly over the fd00: IPv6 address.

unfortunately it still does not work with my dns name http://jellyfin.fritz.box

the issue seems to be that jellyfin recognizes that my client uses a 2003: address and thinks it is an external device. so I think the problem here is, that my router resolves my http://jellyfin.fritz.box request with the 2003: ip-address and not with the fd00: address. Is this correct so far?

Any ideas how to solve this?

IPv6 support won’t be fully implemented until 10.7.0 release. There is a test version at https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin/pull/3994 which is based upon the latest nightly (or unstable version).

Whereas the IPv6 functionality works, other items might not.

The current web browser works with IPv6 but the backend systems are unable to parse the addresses, hence all your issues.