Loose connection every morning

Hi all

I watch jellyfin at night. I go to sleep and wake up (obviously) but then I need to restart the server to get it working on android and fire stick. I don’t mind but could be doing without it.

It sounds more like an issue with your operation system / hardware / configuration of it. Im running jellyfin 24/7 with no problems.

Plex and emby worked no problem. When starting the server it does say emby on the command window when loading in command prompt window. Is that normal. I uninstalled plex and emby but it still says it.

I’m running this on a dell r210 server

16gb ram
2x 2tb hdd
Quad core CPU. Intel Xeon X3440 / 2.53 GHz

You are using some Windows server or?
What version of Jellyfin? You could try the latest 10.7.0 RC2 if you are using 10.6.4

It’s windows 10 pro
Version 10.6.4

Just going yo forget jellyfin until next release because its not even connecting yo a device. Its not going to work for everyone. Surprised it won’t run on a rack mount server though. Guess I’m one that it’s just not meant to work for. Back to plex which is a shame as it doesn’t find all my files and I prefer the look of emby and jellyfin more.

Thanks for your help. I’ll keep looking out for new releases and try again.

It sounds odd, what about the Jellyfin logs? Dont they say whats happening or system logs?

I’ll reinstall and check logs. I’ll post a copy of the log

After reinstalling for goodness knows how many times yesterday after saying I would to kescba I wok up today to it still working. One thing I did different was a logged in to the business router and added ports 8096 to 8097 to port forwarding. So it could of been a problem with port forwarding.

Well after a week it’s still running perfectly. Do I hope it’s sorted. Thanks again for the help

Nice to hear and always a please to help others :slight_smile: