Lots of Tom & Jerry DVDs - how to categorise in the library


I have loads of Tom & Jerry DVDs that my kids (and me) go crazy for. I’ve ripped them by episode (i.e. one DVD will have many episodes). However, its not like a TV show where you have seasons so I’m not quite sure how to catgorise these.

What I have at the moment is a Kids library. In the library, I have created a folder “Tom & Jerry - Santas Little Helpers (2014)” which is the DVD title. Inside the folder, I have:

–>Santas Little Helpers - pt01.mp4
–>Santas Little Helpers - pt02.mp4
–>Santas Little Helpers - pt03.mp4

This is not working very well as each mp4 is showing as a seperate video/movie in the “Kids” library. I was aiming to get one icon for the DVD and then all the episodes under it. Is the only way of achieving this by using the S01E01, S01E02?

First thing to do is Look in www.thetvdb.com You will find the best category’s to sort T&J episodes. I have mine sorted into the years. Then if you have ripped each episode separately then yes S01 E01 is the way to do it… if setup right they will just run one after the other…

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