Mark serie as watched trough API not showing up in the UI

Hi all!

I opened this issue on Github:

But there seems more engagement on the forum so I am trying my luck here :slight_smile:

The problem I am facing has to do with a script I made to migrate all watched statuses from Plex to JellyFin:

In the script I made matches content on the Imdb and Tvdb ids and then does a POST request to Users/<id>/PlayedItems/<itemid> when it needs to be marked as watched. When I request the content again from the API the UserData of the item shows watched: true.

So the API side seems to be working correct, the problem is that the episodes aren’t marked as watched in the UI. Movies are working fine, when marked as watched trough the API the frontend shows them as watched. But TV Show episode return watched from the API but show as unwatched in the UI.

Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or is the frontend being funky?

The most engagement with devs will be in our chat actually, if you’re not already there.

That said, I’ll send the issue link around to the other contributors.