Metadata Image Fetcher Settings

Team, can the image fetcher settings be reinstated from the base Emby 3.5.2?

I believe they were in early versions of Jellyfin?

These are used by some of the Emby clients, notably EMC and can be used for future Jellyfin clients.

These settings exist still. I just checked in a Movies library.

To see:

  1. Go to Dashboard, Libraries
  2. Select the “…” icon on a library, and choose “Manage Library”
  3. Scroll down to Image Fetchers
  4. Click on “Fetcher Settings”.

Hi Anthony, where are you seeing your settings?

If these image fetchers still exist that’s great I can make the move from Emby, but they aren’t showing.

Pic attached from Jellyfin 10.5.0, movies library.

You also missed a step, 2.5, advanced settings…

Sorry, it was late. Also - install the FanArt plugin if you haven’t.

Thanks Anthony, does the fan art plugin add these fetcher options?

When I try to install it keeps saying installation failed? Other plugins work ok.

Hi Anthony all sorted, updated to 10.5.5 and all plugins work.

I didn’t need realise fanart was responsible for the additional fetcher options.

Thanks for your help yet again.